Where Do You Want to See SmartVault Inside?

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Think About the Apps You Use Today...

Take a moment to think about the applications you're using in your firm, and how SmartVault might add value. 

  • Would you benefit from being able to attach a document to a specific record in those applications? 
  • How about being able to save a document created in that application directly to a folder in SmartVault (it's stored online and you can securely share it with someone)? 
  • Or what about syncing the documents uploaded to that application with QuickBooks, as well as the data?

The SmartVault Ecosystem is Growing 

Currently we are working with several partners as they move to include SmartVault "inside" their applications. But we want to hear from you, too! Tell us what apps you want to see integrated with SmartVault, and describe your ideal paperless workflow. 

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